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Store Crush: A G Hendy & Co

I flatter myself by thinking that A G Hendy & Co would be a bit like Heirloom General’s physical shop cousin. The shop aesthetic is darker than ours and more rustic, more vintage, but the actual inventory is almost spot on. I loved everything about this store and envy Alastair’s ability to travel and discover wonderful hoards of antique and vintage useful goods around Europe. Alastair, take me with you!

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Photo Journal: Paris

This month I was lucky enough to be in Paris for a few days, the beginning of a two-week trip through northern France and southern England via camper van. A few days is long enough to visit a couple museums, browse through a much-anticipated zero waste store (The Naked Shop), a very well-curated boutique featuring eco-friendly goods (Welcome Bio), walk through antique stalls at a flea market for an afternoon, and spend every other minute taking a photo of some old building you can’t believe is in front of you.

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