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Practically Macrobiotic Cookbook by Keith Michell


The macrobiotic diet is one that originated in Japan in the 20th century. Promoting a diet that is yin and yang balanced, the macrobiotic diet is filled with healthy food from the earth, not quite vegan or vegetarian, but abstaining from meat and dairy (too yang) but allowing fish and eggs and incorporating many lovely Japanese foods like sea vegetables and tamari sauce. Over 200 recipes fill this fun, thoughtful cookbook which includes suggestions for good ingredients, meal plans, and a full explanation on the macrobiotic way of life.

Published 2000 (3rd edition)- 248 pages

Cover Size: 9.75” L x 7.25” W

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AD7C0981-1D20-48CB-8EBD-250136C7D950 2.JPG
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