about the shop

We sell vintage, secondhand, and new sustainable, useful goods for the home and body, inspired by the past. Our products are made with natural materials, produce zero waste, and are made in North America. We ship using only ground transportation in an effort to create less carbon emissions. Therefore, at this time we are only able to ship to the lower 48 US states.

Heirloom General aims to inspire and support individuals seeking earth-friendly products and low impact lifestyles. The shop has a mix of new and secondhand items. We believe it is important to buy secondhand as often as you can, and that any new items you purchase be sustainably packaged and produced. We are passionate about organic ingredients, natural materials, handmade products, and items produced as close to home as possible.

We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and are currently a web-only store, with a pick-up option for local folks. See more on our Policies page.


about our proprietor

Erika Larson lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Ben. A passionate secondhand purchaser, she loves collecting useful, natural goods for the home. She is an active part of the zero waste community in Minneapolis, has spoken to groups and taught classes on the importance of living an ecologically-sound life, and is passionate about looking to the past to emulate the circular economy once naturally accepted around the world. You can find her on Instagram @erika_lars, on Pinterest, and at her loosely-managed blog.